Battery monitoring

Batteries can drain without noticing. Always keep an eye on the status of your batteries.


You can monitor the battery bank that directly feeds the AyeAye® with up to 24V.

Measure voltage

Get a live and history view of your battery voltage and see potential drops or overcharge. The live view is great while you are sailing or on a trip with your motorboat and are not currently charging the batteries but are using electronics. The history view is an ideal tool to use during a longer period of time, during extended trips or for off season and winter monitoring.

Measure current / power

Measure the total power consumed by the AyeAye® boat computer and all devices connected to it. Not only does the AyeAye® itself consume power, but the AyeAye® also powers external devices.

Notifications and alarms

Receive notifications if the battery charge drops or in case of an excess voltage.

Use case 1: Off season monitoring

When the season is ending, you will be aboard your boat less and less often. Your boat may still be docked with shore power or it may be safely stored ashore or in a storage facility. However, you will most likely still want to monitor some information from time to time. Are my batteries still OK and going through their charge cycles? How have the cabin temperature and humidity levels been lately? Basically, you will want to know when to intervene and know that it is worth the trip when you go check the boat on site.

With the AyeAye® boat computer, which gives you access to all important information anytime, anywhere, you can leave your boat with peace of mind for longer periods of time. And when you do return to your boat, it will be because you want to spend quality time there, not because you fear that damage has occurred in your absence.

Use case 2: While sailing

With the sails hoisted and the engine or generator switched off, the batteries will not normally charge unless you have solar, wind or hydro turbine power on hand.

If you use electronics such as cabin lights, fans, refrigerators, depth sounder or VHF, you will use battery power. However, if the batteries are not being charged, you need to monitor when to switch on the engine or generator to recharge to prevent complete discharge. You can avoid this situation by keeping up to date with the state of your battery. With the AyeAye® app, the status can be checked at a glance at any time. Even when you are not on board, of course.

Future: Advanced scenario notifications and automation

Customisable notifications and advanced notifications for energy scenarios are something we want to include in the future. The AyeAye® is full of sensors and collects tremendous amounts of live and historical data. This can be used to create intelligent automation scenarios.