Internal sensors

All the sensors you need to keep track of your boat’s position, 3D-movement and status, including navigational and environmental sensors.


The AyeAye® has many sensors to measure what is happening in and around the boat.

3D movement

The 9-axis gyroscope of the AyeAye® measures the boat’s rotation, heel, pitch, yaw along with G-forces.

Weather forecast

With the environmental sensors for measuring air pressure, humidity and temperature, you always keep an eye on weather changes.

Battery monitoring

Internal current and voltage meters monitor the condition of your main battery bank at all times.


The internal GPS sensor of the AyeAye® boat computer is ultra sensitive and can receive 66 satellites simultaneously.

Connect more sensors

You can connect up to 3 extra temperature sensors (1 waterproof temperature sensor included). If you have sensors that talk NMEA, you can connect them as well.

Use case 1: Heeling to far

Every boat has its own characteristics and abilities. When sailing during the day, it is natural for the experienced sailor to always observe the boat’s position in the water and assess dangerous situations. At night, however, when you are sailing alone or when there is no one at the helm, it can be helpful to have an alarm if the boat gets into a particular heeling position, for example. This can happen due to a gust of wind or unexpected change in the weather. With the AyeAye® you know when to adjust the sail or take a reef.

Use case 2: Weight distribution

Especially with catamarans, but also with monohulls, it is important to distribute the weight in the boat correctly. If there is an imbalance, this is immediately apparent on the AyeAye® app in calm waters or in the harbour.

Use case 3: Leak

If you are not on board your vessel and there is a leak in a part of the boat that is not float switch connected to a bilge pump, the boat may slowly start to heel in one direction and you won’t notice it while away. The AyeAye® shows you any unusual change in the position of your yacht.