Navigation sensors

Navigation sensors for your boat's position, course and speed. The AyeAye® boat computer is packed with sensors to get you safely to your destination.


The AyeAye® has the hardware to make life easier on your boat. Consistently good GPS reception is part of safe navigation. Not only in polyester boats, but also when you are on the move with a steel boat. The AyeAye® boat computer will not let you down even if the main batteries fail. The all-in-one system is designed to work independently of other devices and power sources.

Ultra sensitive GPS

The internal GPS sensor that the AyeAye® uses is extremely sensitive and can receive 66 satellites simultaneously. For even more range, you can also connect an additional antenna. This allows you to easily get your position, heading and speed in the most accurate way possible. In case the GPS fails, an additional failsafe GPS is installed for safety’s sake.

Magnetic compass

In addition to the GPS, there is a traditional internal magnetic compass that measures magnetic north and uses automatic variation to calculate true north. The compass is installed as far away as possible from the internal live wires to avoid any interference. For added accuracy, the compass constantly calibrates its deviation values.

3D movement

The gyroscope measures the movement of the boat on 9 axes and the AyeAye® app shows you, among other things, heel, pitch, yaw as well as the G-forces in an accurate 3D model.


On the AyeAye® app dashboards, you can easily view calculations of this data to determine your ETA, for example.

Use case 1: Steel hull

Since boats with steel hulls are very resistant, but sensors in the boat can also cause problems, the AyeAye® is not only equipped with an internal GPS sensor, but also with an external GPS sensor. The ideal solution to always be able to navigate safely even in a steel boat.

Use case 2: Redundancy & backup

We strongly believe in using backup systems. While electronics definitely bring comfort as long as they work, without technology we can quickly feel out of our comfort zone. Especially while navigating a boat.

The AyeAye® boat computer provides autonomy because it works with sensors that can fall back on each other. This means that the AyeAye® app will always provide you with all the important information of your boat and you can rest assured that the internal sensors are working reliably. Stop worrying, keep boating.

Use case 3: Integrating critical information at your fingertips

The AyeAye® boat computer is the most complete all-in-one solution with its large set of essential sensors in one casing. Easy to install, basically plug & play, to get your boat system up and running in no time.

When out and about with your boat you need to focus on essential information that is relevant for that specific moment or situation. When not navigating actively you might want a total overview and see all the ship’s live and historical information. Normally, you would have to purchase compatible separate sensors by one specific brand to get all the information you want and view them via a chart plotter, a MFD device or through an app. As not all brands are compatible with each other this can be a challenge. Every product requires cabling and needs a specific place in your boat, and the available products are often not plug & play.