Remote (internet) monitoring

Dragging anchor, lights still on?! Due to built-in internet access, you can check the status of your boat any time from anywhere, just as if you were on board.


In order to get access to your boat’s sensors and systems, the AyeAye® is equipped with an internal SIM card, 4G modem and external LTE antenna.

Access to all information and systems

Through the AyeAye® app, you have the same user experience as if you were on board.

4G & WiFi hotspot

You do not need mobile data on your phone or tablet to access the AyeAye and all its features when you are near your boat. The AyeAye® boat computer provides a Wi-Fi access point that is broadcast like a hotspot and through which you are connected. If you are not near the boat, for example when exploring ashore or when you are at home, you can easily connect to the AyeAye® on your boat through the 4G LTE internet connection of the device itself. However, it is also possible for the AyeAye® to use the marina’s Wi-Fi, in which case there are no additional mobile data charges.

Smart device or screen

For an optimal user experience, the AyeAye® boat computer should be used with the associated app via a smartphone or tablet. However, due to the built-in HDMI connection, it is also possible to connect any screen to the device that supports HDMI.

Use case 1: Exploring ashore while at anchor

With the AyeAye®, your boat may be out of sight, but it’s never out of reach. If you leave your boat unattended for some time, you want to be sure that the boat is in the right position and in good condition while you are away. Imagine anchoring in a bay by an island, jumping in your dinghy to go for a hike. Every boater’s worst nightmare is then most likely to find your boat stranded on some rocks due to a dragging anchor when you return. Fortunately, a quick glance at the AyeAye® app calms you down and might also inform you about the other boat that is anchored right next to you in the meantime. A sociable evening is in store!

Use case 2: Off season monitoring

Be on your boat when you want to, not when you have to. In the winter season, you may not want to or be able to go to your boat often just to check that everything is in order. However, especially if the boat is in the water in winter and exposed to the weather, it is reassuring to always be up to date on its condition. With the AyeAye®, monitoring is easy during this time. From home, for example, you can monitor the status of your batteries or the ambient temperature on site at any time.

Use case 3: Monitoring for renting out your boat

No more worries when you rent out your boat to someone. Especially if you live further away from your boat yourself or cannot use it as often as you would like for personal reasons, you may want to rent it out. Many boat owners are discouraged from renting out their boat to friends or even strangers because they don’t know what will happen to the boat without their presence. With the AyeAye® app, you can rest easy knowing that you are always in control both in live and in history-view. This feature is also interesting for charter companies who want to monitor their fleet.

Future: Industrial touchscreen

We designed the AyeAye® so that using it with a separate smart device gives you extra flexibility during boating. However, we are aware that many users prefer to also have a static screen somewhere near the helm or on the navigation table. That is why we are already exploring the possibilities of offering an industrial touch screen as an accessory in the future. Ideal for the toughest conditions on the water.