Launch new version AyeAye® boat system during Sail Den Helder and the Navy Days

AyeAye Systems, an emerging maritime technology start-up headquartered in Den Helder, proudly presented the new version of its AyeAye® boat system during Sail Den Helder and the Navy Days. The event, which took place from 29 June to 2 July 2023, provided a unique opportunity to introduce the improved system to sailing enthusiasts and professionals in the maritime industry.

Crew at AyeAye stand

During Sail Den Helder and the Navy Days, visitors could not only learn about the features of the AyeAye® hardware and accompanying app, but were also given the opportunity to pre-order the system before its official market launch.

The AyeAye® boat system, developed by AyeAye Systems, is an all-in-one boat system that combines more than 20 different products in areas such as navigation, sensors, monitoring and remote switching that boat owners need for boating. Moreover, many existing boat appliances can be connected to the system.

With the new version of the system, AyeAye Systems has made significant hardware and software improvements. Among other things, the system has become much smaller and more robust so that it is even easier to connect to any type of boat. Many features have also been expanded and the app design has been improved, enhancing usability and personalisation options.

AyeAye customer

“Sail Den Helder and the Navy Days provided us with a fantastic platform to showcase our product and receive valuable feedback from the maritime community. As a proud partner of METIP, the Maritime Emerging Technologies Innovation Park in the Northern North Holland region, we are honoured to have been invited to such a prestigious event,” says Jamos Tan, founder of AyeAye Systems.”

AyeAye Systems strives to take users’ sailing experience to the next level through a modern and intuitive hardware and software combination and give new impetus to the recreational sector on the water. Thanks to support from the region, AyeAye Systems will be able to offer its product to end users before the end of this year.

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