AyeAye® vs. other brands

The AyeAye® boat computer with accompanying app offers the most user-friendly boat control and monitoring experience through its unique all-in-one solution.

one user-friendly responsive app

multiple information displays

AyeAye® Integration Competitor Solution

Autopilot computer, motor controller, remote control, sensors and software are all available out-of-the-box. Just connect an existing tiller or other kind of autopilot motor and you are ready to follow routes or a desired heading. Learn more

For similar features, purchasing various separate devices is required; digital compass and/or GPS for heading, control heads, smart controllers, plotters and charts (subscriptions) are needed. These usually have to be from the same brand.

AIS receiver

Just connect an antenna and instantly start receiving AIS class A and B objects. You don’t have to worry about NMEA, other data standards or cabling; AIS objects will be directly visible on the plotter. Learn more

An AIS receiver or transceiver is needed for receiving VHF AIS frequencies. To project them onto a plotter you need a compatible data standard like NMEA or SeaTalk.


Your position is shared with MarineTraffic. This means your position can be followed online, as long as you are still in an area with 4G reception. We also help making MarineTraffic’s data more complete by sharing received AIS data with them. Learn more

Other brands currently do not have a feature compared to this. MarineTraffic itself does offer devices or apps that will let you send your position to their network.

Battery monitoring

The AyeAye® monitors the voltage that comes from your battery. It also measures all amps current that are used by the system and everything that is connected to it. You can choose between the current status or history view. Learn more

Not all charge controllers are fitted with these features. Usually you need a smart charge controller for this or purchase separate measuring devices and instruments to read the information.

External connectivity

Connect your existing boating devices and sensors from other brands. The AyeAye® supports a variety of standards like NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, SeaTalk1, SeaTalkNG and 1-Wire interfaces. Learn more

Specific converters have to be purchased that can handle the specific data standards for NMEA and SeaTalk before a compatible plotter or screen can display information from other devices.

Internal device battery

The AyeAye® boat computer stays operational in a basic mode in case of a battery failure. Learn more

Generally, standard marine equipment cannot be operated without being connected to the main battery bank.

Internal sensors

All the internal sensors you need are already integrated in the device, including navigational and environmental sensors. Like that you can keep track of your boat’s position, movement and status. Learn more

For monitoring barometric pressure, temperature, air humidity, heel & pitch and battery capacity, you will need to purchase separate sensors and NMEA / SeaTalk converters or multiplexers.

Nautical charts

The pre-installed nautical charts are completely free of cost, no subscription needed. The open-source & community based charts are available for most waters worldwide. Learn more

Nautical charts must be purchased individually for different areas and are usually tied to a subscription. You have to download these manually before you can use them.

Navigation sensors

The AyeAye® boat computer has navigational sensors that show you your boat’s position, course and speed. Learn more

Not all plotters or MFD’s are right away equipped with the sensors needed to know your position, heading and orientation. Often they need to be connected externally.

Navigation software

The AyeAye® app lets you use all the functions of the AyeAye® boat computer in an ideal way. The straightforward display on almost any screen makes the app versatile and intuitive. Learn more

There may be a separate app for each purpose. An app for reading and monitoring sensors, an app for navigation, an app for weather forecasts and many more. Systems that come closest to an all-in-one idea are MFDs, which have to be bought separately.

Remote (internet) monitoring

For stable access to your boat’s sensors and systems via the app, the AyeAye® is fitted with an internal SIM card, a 4G modem and an external LTE antenna. Monitoring your boat and controlling switches and other functions is easy whether you are on your boat or on land. Learn more

Currently available boat monitoring solutions are mostly tied to a monthly or annual subscription fee. Remotely switching your devices like lights or fans on or off is not a feature that is widely available.

Remote switching

Directly connect up to four devices and switch them on or off with the app wherever you are. The AyeAye® uses a smart analogue switching method to change the DC power, rather than the signal, to turn something on or off. Learn more

Purchasing separate modules is needed to support digital switching. The modules need to be connected through the NMEA 2000 standard before they can be operated.

Weather forecast

The AyeAye® has internal digital environment sensors to measure barometric pressure, temperature and air humidity. Via the integrated internet you can also download weather charts for different areas and time periods. Simply layer them over your navigational charts. Learn more

Most boats are equipped with traditional analogue instruments that show temperature, air pressure or humidity. To get weather reports externally, you usually need an Iridium for satellite internet, Weatherfax or Navtex, or use your phone’s hotspot.


To get features similar to those offered by the AyeAye®, you would have to buy more than 20 different products from other brands. The AyeAye® boat computer is unique as it combines so many different devices and functions in just one smart product. Use it as the primary equipment for your boat or as a backup.

Compatibility & interoperability

The AyeAye® boat computer is compatible with most kinds of boating control and monitoring products from different brands, versions and data protocols. Normally, you need to buy instruments of the same brand and building period so that they can work together. With AyeAye®, you’ll never be stuck on that nasty brand sandbank. Learn more…

Cost efficiency

The more than 20 products you would need to purchase from other brands to get all the features the AyeAye® provides can easily cost about 20.000 euros. AyeAye® is the complete boating solution. Less products and installations required, therefore friendlier for the carbon footprint and even easier on your wallet.

Open standards

Everything under control with the intuitive AyeAye® app. But if you’re a techie and like to dive deeper, you can also access the open software configurations. The AyeAye® boat computer comes pre-installed with Signal K and OpenPlotter, which you can further customise.

Stand alone & off grid

You can use the AyeAye® separately from your existing instruments. Even if the main battery bank fails you can still use its basic functions. Learn more…